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CNC Grinding Machining Service 01

We have CNC Turning,Milling and Grinding at the same time with constant workshop ensure stable quality,and the CNC Maching are with In-line measuring instrument. The highest precision tolerance up to 0.002mm,roughness up Ra 0.1,the shaft concentricity up to 0.001mm. We can achieve mass production and guarantee stable quality. The shaft parts can use with different material,like Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum,brass and so on.


CNC Milling Machining Service 02

We have several CNC 5-axis milling machines, which can make non-standard parts with various shapes.They can machining out with different kinds material,such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum,brass,plastic material and the others.


CNC Turning Machining Service 03

We have the high precision CNC lathe which can reach 0.003mm.They come to Stable and reliable processing quality.Some of them are from Japan Mazak,they can ensure the high quality with high precision. These machines can be used with different material,like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and cooper etc. They can machining out different kinds non-standard machining parts.

Quality Testing Service / Quality Inspection Room 04

Professional quality inspection room is equipped with a variety of testing equipment. Professional measuring equipment to ensure the quality with Germany Zeiss Three Coordinate measuring machine(The world's top testing equipment) , 100% compensation for quality problems all the time.


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